Scheduling FAQs

Why is the CCC of SH changing to Open Access Scheduling (OAS)?

Since before COVID there has always been a long wait to get an appointment at the CCC of SH. This does not serve our patients in a customer-friendly way. Also, many of our patients have difficulty planning appointments in advance due to work schedules, childcare responsibilities, and other obligations, so many people could not make their pre-scheduled appointments and the time was wasted when they didn’t come in. Open access schedule makes most of our appointments in a day available with short notice. This means you can call when you are sick, and we will likely have an appointment within 1-2 days or maybe even the same day.

Will this mean I can never schedule an appointment?

Everyday there will be a few appointments that are prescheduled. These appointments will be for follow-ups and check-ups. They will only be scheduled a few weeks in advance instead of a few months. If you need a work or school physical, you can call a few weeks in advance and ask for a scheduled appointment. If you have a chronic medical problem like diabetes or high blood pressure, we will keep track of when you need your next appointment and we will call you that week to see if you can come in for your care.

Does this mean I can walk in and be seen immediately?

No, we are still asking patients to call for appointments, but we will likely be able to see you on the day you call. With the COVID-19 virus still affecting so many people we discourage walk-in so that we can keep the number of people in the CCC of SH at any one time at a safe number. Please call and get a time to come in whenever possible. We will not ever take walk-ins asking for physical or routine appointments.

Will I be able to be seen if I am sick?

OAS allows us to keep appointments open every day so that if you are sick, we can fit you in without having to overbook the schedule. This keeps the providers running on schedule and you do not have to wait as long when you are in the waiting room. Calling early in the day if you feel you need to be seen will help assure, we can give you an appointment when you need one. We are NOT GUARANTEEING a same-day appointment, but we will have more options than just squeezing you in and we will be able to get you an appointment sooner then we could before.

Who do I call to make a same-day appointment?

Please call the main number for the CCC of SH – 717-233-1700 – and our receptionist will be able to determine if we have an open appointment for you the day you call. We open at 8:30 so calling in the morning will make your chances better at getting a same-day appointment.

Will there always be a same-day appointment available?

Unfortunately, no, but the number of same-day and short wait appointments will increase with OAS. The earlier in the day that you call, the better your chances.

Can I see my regular provider with OAS?

Yes, if they are working the day you need seen and they have open appointments. For follow-up and regular check-ups we will try to make sure you get on the schedule of your regular provider. If your provider’s schedule is full and you need seen that day we may have to give you an appointment with another provider that day if you cannot wait to be seen.

What if I already have a follow-up appointment scheduled in the next few months?

We have put all the patients who had prescheduled appointments on a recall list. The week your appointment was scheduled we will call you and find an open appointment with your provider so that you get seen when you should.

The CCC of SH is committed to delivering the highest quality and most patient-centered care possible. OAS will allow us to better utilize the time we have available for appointments and lower the wasted time associated with no-shows. Please bear with us as we make this transition and let us know if you experience any bumps in the road.